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Goodwin Facilities Solutions (GFS) has over 2 decades worth of experience in designing and installing many types of flooring. GFS is confident we will be able to meet your flooring needs with our large selection of flooring options for commercial and hospital settings that include: concrete, tile, marble, stone, epoxy, hard wood, and laminate

GFS is partnered with “Permatect” which offers extensive cleaning and restoration with their trained and certified technicians to maintain and extend the life of your tile or LVT floor.

Permatect’s certified installers start by removing ANY existing coatings and contaminates from tile and grout surface. Once extracted and dry, installers apply Permatect’s titanium-fortified grout stain, giving the grout a clean uniform appearance. Custom grout colors are available for customer/Interior Design choice.

After detail, the entire surface is sprayed and sealed with Permatect’s Protective Barrier. Once sealed, the surface is protected from mold, mildew, moisture, urine and foot traffic. The sealant also makes the surface much easier to keep clean and maintain.

Key Areas For Application:

Showers and locker rooms, Industrial kitchens, Canteens and cafeterias, High traffic public restrooms.

Permatect’s process makes tiled pool areas more slip resistant and much easier to keep clean. Slip resistant testing has proven Permatect’s seal to make surfaces 60% less slippery when wet, and 15% less slippery when dry, providing an extra level of safety for all treated areas.

Also, we proudly use “Arkanstone” custom designed NATURE STONE flooring. Arkanstone’s custom designed flooring is great for commercial and residential floors.

NATURE STONE® is an easily maintained one-time investment. This concrete resurfacing creates a resilient flooring that will not wear out. It is safe and slip-resistant, even on areas that are frequently wet, such as patio flooring and bathroom flooring. The concrete sealer will not be damaged by moisture, water, and flooring and reduces tracked-in dirt. The concrete epoxy eliminates salt damage and far outlasts paint and other floor coatings. Only a periodic cleaning is needed, meaning you will not have to interrupt your daily business traffic for maintenance. Cleaning is simple and takes only a broom or damp mop. Keep your facility looking fresh and new without constant maintenance or having to ever replace the flooring again.

Nature Stone

NATURE STONE® reduces liability risks. Because NATURE STONE® does not crack or chip, and covers cracks and uneven areas in your existing concrete, individuals are less likely to trip and fall. NATURE STONE® eliminates standing water and is mold- and stain-resistant.

NATURE STONE® is installed directly over existing concrete. Arkanstone Design’s professionals perform an inspection of the existing concrete to verify the installation is appropriate. Installers then prepare the existing concrete to ensure maximum bonding of the epoxy to the existing concrete floor. NATURE STONE® flooring will cover defects, cracks, and stains in concrete flooring, as well as correct areas that are uneven.

For more information check out the Arkanstone website.

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