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Goodwin Facilities Solutions, LLC

GFS, LLC was founded and incorporated in 2016 by owner Mitchell (Mitch) Goodwin. Mitch is a US Army, Service-Disabled Veteran and former Service Chief with 25+ years experience with the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Mitch started GFS because he saw a need for general contractors with experience in government operations and contracts who could get supplies delivered and projects completed in a timely manner.

GFS is a relatively young company but has grown quickly and is setting the industry standard in our region for fair pricing on products and services, and quality workmanship on government and commercial construction.

Not only is Goodwin Facilities Solutions a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), we take pride in in the fact that many of our employees are Veterans and/or former government employees. We value their high level of skill, standards, experience, and expertise that they bring to our daily operations.

We take pride in a more personal approach to the services we offer our customers. We are certain this is the reason we’re able to retain our customers and continue to grow our business.

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Key Personnel:

​Mitch Goodwin, Owner

​Mitch is an 82nd Airborne Veteran with the US Army. He is also a former Service Chief for Environmental Management, and Facility Manager for the Department of Veterans Affairs with 25+ years Facilities Management Experience.

Mitch’s role with GFS includes:

•Specialized expertise in directing teams, overseeing multiple projects, establishing priorities, delegating activities and achieving productivity and quality objectives.

•Strategic planning, coordination and budgeting skills necessary for performing project management and program management functions.

•Organizational and planning skills for monitoring schedules, ensuring timelines, expediting processes and following through.

•Excellent project management skills: quickly establish correct priorities and initiate steps to attain objectives and meet deadlines.

•Develop scope of business process changes using expert facilitation skills, which include defining and developing methodologies, standards, and processes for projects.

Tiffany Goodwin, Executive Vice President

Tiffany is a former employee of the Department of Veterans Affairs with 20+ years of executive level management experience.

Tiffany’s role with GFS includes:

• Provides strategic leadership and vision to the company

• Formulation of long-term strategies

• Plans and schedules ongoing work and adjust staffing levels or work procedures to accommodate resource allocations and decisions.

• Assist subordinate facility organizations with strategic procurement planning and collaborative requirement consolidation to leverage buying power and reduce supply chain costs.

• Oversees day-to-day operations of administrative and field services personnel

John Tretbar, Project Estimator

John is a former US Army Warrant Officer with 25 years of Commercial and Government estimating and project management experience.  John is considered an expert in his field, using RS Means for estimating accuracy.

John’s role with GFS includes:

• Providing GFS and our partners with reviews of project drawings and of technical specifications.

• Using his experience and attention to detail ensure that every aspect and cost of a job has been accounted for.

• Provides guidance to GFS field staff to ensure jobs are completed on time and on budget.



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